Cryotherapy and Hashimoto’s

What is Cryotherapy?

The method of freezing used by dermatologists and gynecologists to treat lesions on the skin without surgery is called cryotherapy. It is a treatment method applied with nitrogen oxide gas or liquid nitrogen at -190 degrees. It is a treatment method that can be applied to all ages and genders, which can be applied easily, economically, and does not require hospitalization.

In which diseases is cryotherapy used?

It can be used to treat many damaged or diseased tissues, such as benign cell growths, sun spots, nerve pinching, nail sting, calluses, warts, skin cancer, prostate cancer, creating cold damage to the tissue. In gynecology, it is an effective method to eliminate genital warts and cervical wounds. It is an inexpensive but effective method used since the Egyptians.

Cryotherapy and Hashimoto’s

According to recent research, there is a strong relationship between cold weather and the immune system. Short-term cold shock therapy stimulates the immune system. It reduces pain and general stress. It is even said that there are such rooms in the houses of the most famous athletes in their field. All autoimmune diseases are immune system problems. The body fights itself. Technically, cryotherapy can help improve body health. And indirectly, it can reduce the symptoms of Hashimoto’s disease. It can also work locally to the thyroid glands more effectively and help reduce the accumulating inflammatory cells. It is really beneficial for cold human health. You can write whether cryotherapy application is useful for you in the comment field below.

Symptoms Of Hashimoto's Disease

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