Hashimoto’s and Acne

Acne is a problem that occurs especially during adolescence. This is due to the increased hormonal changes during adolescence, the skin becomes more oily.

The biggest cause of acne is hormonal changes.

And, as you know, Hashimoto’s disease is a thyroid hormone problem. Hashimoto’s disease can affect your acne problem, especially if there is a bad diet, insulin resistance, vitamin D deficiency.

Hashimoto and Acne Treatment

The holistic approach is very important in the treatment of acne. You cannot eliminate acne by looking for only one reason and creating a solution for it. First, if you have hashimoto’s thyroiditis, you should switch to a strict diet.

You should start your hormone therapy as recommended by your doctor. Then you should try to eliminate the things that caused the fire in your body.

There is a lot of research that acne and sugar consumption are related.

You should minimize sugar and carbohydrate consumption.
if you can, remove all the gluten-containing carbohydrates from your life.

Increase your water consumption. (When you really think of it, get up and drink 1 glass of water.)

If you are smoking, stop smoking, not only because of the acne problem, but because it has made the hashimoto disease worse.

Get a facial wash gel that doesn’t overdry but cleans your skin nicely.

You should know that Hashimoto’s disease produces a chronic inflammation, this inflammation does not only harm by attacking thyroid hormones. It also affects all organs as a chronic problem in the body.

Hashimoto is a bowel problem

Yes, you have not heard wrong. Acne and bowel are related things. Because if your intestinal flora and bacteria inside are badly affected, absorption of vitamins and minerals will be impaired. As a result of this disorder, hormone balances change and acne problem arises. At the same time, hashimoto’s disease may occur or the existing disease may be exacerbated.

Hashimoto's and Alzheimer's

If you want to treat acne problem and minimize the harmful effects of hashimoto’s disease, you should definitely solve the problem in your intestines.

For this, as I mentioned above, you should change your diet. You should consume fermented foods more often. You should stay away from things that contain simple carbohydrates in the style of Fast Food. You should get supplements to increase the beneficial bacteria in the intestinal flora, such as probiotic supplements.

In those with acne problems, bowel functions may be impaired. When these patients were examined, it was observed that the proportion of beneficial bacteria in the gut was not significant and that the bowel movements were irregular. In addition, the activity of anti-oxidization systems in the body and enzyme systems in the liver has decreased. It has been observed that there are deficiencies in minerals needed for the activity of skin cells.

What else can we do?

Unless you change your lifestyle, antibiotics or creams given by your doctor will not be the definitive treatment for your acne problem.

Some doctors believe that hashimoto’s disease takes action after a high level of stress. You already know the relationship between acne and stress. So you should reduce your stress for both acne and hashimoto.

It is not possible to reset stress in the globalizing world, but with a good stress management, everything can be achieved. You should manage your stress well.

Sleep is also very important. Hormones such as melatonin, which are secreted during night sleep, are essential for the body to repair itself.

CBD and Hashimoto's


Remember that Hashimoto’s disease and acne are two separate problems, which are a long course of treatment. Hashimoto’s disease is known to affect the functioning of many organs like this one. Acne can be cured. Hashimoto can be treated. We were not born with acne or Hashimoto’s disease. As a result, we have these illnesses after things we have been subjected to, consciously or unconsciously.

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