Hashimoto’s and Ana test

The ANA test is a test used in the diagnosis of systemic or organ-specific autoimmune diseases. It is made to check whether anti-nuclear antibodies are produced in the body.

When the test results are positive, they are reported as titers. It is considered normal that the ANA titer is 1/40 or less. As the ANA titer increases, the incidence decreases in normal people.

What are anti-nuclear antibodies (ANA)?

ANA (Anti-Nuclear Antibodies) are various autoantibodies that develop against the elements of the nuclear cells of mammals, they form a class of antibodies.

If you are experiencing symptoms of hashimoto disease and your ANA test result is positive, you may be a hashimoto patient. Your doctor will ask you for a set of antibody tests that reveal the definitive outcome of hashimoto’s disease. And accordingly it will start your treatment.

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