How is anti tpo and anti tg antibodies reduced?

First, before you read this article, I strongly recommend that you read the previous article in connection with the content of this article. All my blood test results from the first day I met this disease are in that paper.

This blog continues to contain a variety of information about the treatment of Hashimoto’s disease, treatment options, how we can defeat this disease, which is an immune system.

I’ve been sick for about 4 years and this year I decided to beat this disease. If you are as determined to overcome this disease as I am, you can read my previous articles.


As I mentioned in my previous article, I went to the doctor after the date of that article and I had blood tests such as Anti thyroglobulin antibodies and Anti TPO, TSH, free T4.

December 26, 2019 (previous hospital)
Anti thyroglobulin antibodies 34.39
Anti TPO 178,72
TSH 2.27
Free T4 1.03

The result is incredible. My last 2 blood tests showed a significant decrease in antibodies.

February 24, 2020 (latest blood test,previously hospital)
Anti thyroglobulin antibodies 79.03
Anti TPO 19.67
TSH 3.45
Free T4 1.04

all previous blood tests

And how did I manage that?

I think there are four main reasons for this.

The first is a diet plan close to a gluten-free diet. (I literally can’t say I was fed gluten-free, but for a while at least I tried to avoid it.)

The Second Is Fasting. yeah, you didn’t hear wrong. I tried to starve my body at regular intervals. You’ve heard of that famous water fasting, right? I fasted in this way, the longest of which was 3 days. My goal was to do water fasting for at least 10 days in a row. but I couldn’t do it.

Hashimoto's and Afib

The third is quality nutrition, fresh raw vegetables, homemade cheese, homemade yogurt. I tried to feed close to nature. I can’t say I’ve reduced sugar, but I’ve consumed very, very few acidic and sugary drinks like cola. I only used refined sugar with tea.

Fourth supplement: I used two supplements, one of which was multivitamin(include all vitamins, q10, glutamine, turmeric extract, other minerals) and a probiotic pill.

Of course, I couldn’t do any of that. But the antibody levels have been noticeably reduced since I combined them and began to administer them.

Now I’m not going to compromise during the time I apply to figure out which of these works. For 1 month I will eat gluten-free, I will reduce sugar to a minimum, I will have a good quality and natural nutrition plan and I will Use supplement.

Let’s see if my blood test results will be better in 1 month. Or is it worse? We’ll see.

I’ve learned that I’ve taken the right steps for now, but I have to take those steps solidly.

In my next article, I will examine the relationship between these substances and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis in detail.

I’m gonna beat this disease. follow me.


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