Why This Site?

Hello, I’m savekong.

I have been suffering from Hashimoto thyroiditis and hypothyroidism for about four years.

For four years, I have researched everything about the disease, but I have not found the time and the environment to apply the information I have learned.

With the year 2020, I’ve decided to beat this disease.

Yes, I will defeat this disease.

I will share with you a lot of information that I have learned before in the process of defeating this disease and thousands of new information that I am still researching.

In this way, you will have access to the information necessary to overcome the disease.

Since there is no detailed source for this disease on the internet, I will declare myself a guinea pig and try all the methods I know.

Let’s see what I’m going through in the process. Together we will see.

Let’s do this.

Natural Herbs for Hashimoto's

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